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Simba Hybrid Essential Review

Simba : Hybrid


If you’ve ever been in a situation where you had to buy a new mattress, but were dumbfounded when you realised you had to somehow manoeuvre it through your hallways which suddenly looked like a labyrinth, it’s likely you considered keeping that mattress for the rest of your life to avoid that painstaking process again.

image4172In comes the Simba Hybrid Mattress, a mattress that gets delivered in a box… Yes, you read that right, a box. Despite this brand new time saving concept, this is still not the most impressive part of the mattress. Boasting 2500 conical springs, the mattress is built to adapt and be perfect for virtually anybody, irrespective of weight, size or age.

All the springs don’t compress in a linear motion, meaning the more weight that gets applied to them, the more resistance they give back. This allows for a sort of bespoke sleeping experience, as the springs will alter their positions according to how much weight is being laid on them.

We were sent the King Size edition of the Simba Sleep Hybrid, and I can easily say I haven’t had a better night’s sleep in my life. Going from the Hybrid to my standard mattress was like going from sleeping on a cloud to sleeping on a slab of concrete.

3dbed_grandeThe mattress is made up of five layers to guarantee ultimate comfort for the user, first comes the sleep surface, which is the company’s own hypoallergenic air flow sleep surface which keeps you fresh and controls the temperature so you don’t get too cold or warm.

Secondly is Simba’s own “Simbatex” material layer, which just provides super comfortable and gentle support to ensure you remain comfortable at all times.

Next comes the previously mentioned spring layer, which contains 2500 conical springs that all individually adjust their position to accommodate for your body whilst you sleep, ensuring you wake up energized and fresh.

The penultimate layer contains Visco memory foam, which again adjusts itself to suit your body shape, meaning everyone’s sleeping experience will be different, but will all have one thing in common- they will be extremely comfortable.

Finally comes the flawlessly engineered base, which provides seven zones to cater for all different types of people and ensures that everyone is relaxed in their sleep.

The Simba Hybrid is built in such a way that two people with different sleeping habits and patterns could be sleeping on the same mattress, but would both have a sound, relaxing night’s sleep without bothering each other.

In terms of retail price, the King Size mattress we tried is priced up at £699, which is a reasonable price considering for that money you will be receiving one of the most comfortable mattresses on the market. In addition, it is delivered in a box so you don’t have to deal with the headache of carrying it up to the desired room.

Alongside the “bed in a box” selling point, Simba also provide next day delivery if the mattress is ordered before 2pm. This is a welcome perk of buying your mattress from Simba, as within 24 hours you could have your brand new mattress set up and your sleeping pattern will have been improved to no end.

Simba make it perfectly clear that customer satisfaction is their key aim and they want to ensure that all their customers have been provided with a product of the highest quality. Therefore, the business provides a 100-night sleep trial and 10 year guarantee on all their mattresses. This show of faith and confidence should prompt you into buying one, as the company wouldn’t show that much faith in a poorly built product.

This mattress is definitely a must buy if you struggle to sleep or aren’t comfortable enough in your current mattress, the Simba Hybrid will change your sleeping pattern and habits for the better, and you’ll never look back after buying one.

You don’t have to take our word for it though, seeing as the mattress was tested with the Sleep to Live initiative, which has compiled data from around 10 MILLION people. So if you don’t want to believe us, maybe the 10 million contributors to this mattress will change your mind.


Danial Ahmed
Danial Ahmed
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