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nielinkMarzipan is not exactly a common sweet dish in the UK, but after tasting Niederegger’s take on the sugary dessert, I think that needs to be changed.

“Marzipan With Love.  Since 1806.” This is the businesses slogan, so it’s fair to say my expectations were high when I found out I’d be trying some of their marzipan, and it’s also safe to say I wasn’t disappointed.

Niederegger have found the perfect balance between the inclusion of smooth, fresh almonds and sugar, which when mixed with their secret ingredient, creates the most tantalising marzipan I’ve tasted.  The rich sugary taste is complimented by the milk chocolate encasing which creates a mouth-watering blend and tastes heavenly.

footer-imageThe presentation of the marzipan is also spot on, it looks extremely classy with its rich chocolaty tone, and the packets have vibrant colours which capture the eye and excite you to see what’s inside.

It isn’t hard to believe that the production of the marzipan is overseen by a confectionary expert daily, as only an expert with years of experience in marzipan production could ensure such a perfect sweet could be made.

The marzipan is still roasted in cauldrons that were used many years ago, and this method of roasting instills the traditional taste and roasts the aromatic Mediterranean almonds and the soft marzipan in such a way that you will be addicted after a single bite.

With over 200 years of experience in the marzipan production field, Niederegger are stalwarts and their reputation and brand image are justified by their high quality products and in particular their marzipan.

Desserts are a tricky field to be involved in as there is fierce competition and most desserts have to be tailored perfectly to be successful, but Niederegger have no such problem due to their exquisite marzipan and nougat.


Josh Phillips
Josh Phillips
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