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Fitbit Charge HR Review

Fitbit : Charge HR

Fitbit Review Web LinkThe Fitbit Charge is one of my favourite smartwatches. It’s neat, stylish, streamlined while offering lots of functionality making it ideal for enthusiasts to sports professionals. It might not “wow” tech thrill seekers but it provides bags of options to keep you motivated and help you meet your health and fitness goals.

My love of the Fitbit begins with the strap – it feels like a proper watch! The Charge HR nicely marries the smartwatch with a conventional watch design so you get the contemporary technologically advanced styling with the tracker that looks and feels like a proper watch.

It looks cool too. And you get to choose from an array of colours so the fashion conscious can tailor Fitbit to their personal aesthetics. Most importantly, the smartwatch has bags of features to keep you motivated. The PurePulse Heart Rate monitor provides continuous monitoring while the SmartTrack functionality automatically recognises when you are exercising, recording and archiving the data which is accessible via the app.

It helps that the Fitbit connects wireless too, making it ideal to track your data via your smartphone. It’s reliable too. I tested it on a number of walks and its step counter was always within about 5 to 10 steps of the actual count on walks ranging from 300 to 1,000 steps. Features include distance travelled, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, heart rate, activity each hour as well as stationary time.

The bonus is, that despite all this functionality, the Fitbit will still last up to five days on a single charge while tracking your sleep, providing a silent alarm, and the provision of real-time workouts and post-workout summaries. It really is a great device and is one of my favourite fitness trackers on the market. I really can’t find anything to complain about it. If I had to recommend a perfect all-rounder which gives you value for money, the Fitbit is the one I’d go for.

Fitbit Charge HR Review


Fitbit Charge HR


Fitbit Charge HR

Battery Life
Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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