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Jawbone up3 Review

Jawbone : UP3

Jawbone Review Web LinkPacked with features the Jawbone UP3 has an understated style with a good battery life (of around 5 to 7 days on a single charge) when compared to similarly priced products on the market. Its predecessor offered double the battery life but the UP3 has made necessary enhancements that offer users additional functionality. Helpfully, you’ll get notifications when the battery is running low so you don’t suffer any downtime.

I liked the side-sliding mechanism to secure the tracker to your wrist because it offers a more watch-like experience. To say you’re wearing it 24/7, it’s a necessary comfort but the bioimpendance sensors do leave their mark. Compare it to an Apple Watch, for example, it isn’t the most naturally-fitting tracker I’ve used. However, it’s secure; it isn’t a tracker that’s going to drop off your wrist very easily.

Interaction with the tracker is done via its touch-sensitive body but this only really amounts to cancelling alerts as its other functions are either automatic or controlled from the smartphone app. Neatly discreet and available in different colours, the Jawbone is a functional, good-looking tracker.

Jawbone Up3 review


Jawbone Up3


Jawbone Up3

Battery Life
Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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