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Nuband Activ+ Review

Nuband : Activ+

Nuband Review Web LinkSleeker than its costly big brother – the Nuband Pulse – the Activ+ is particularly ideal for those sports enthusiasts who want a fitness tracker that’s comfortable to wear but importantly lightweight and robust. The Activ+ delivers on those important ingredients.

Battery life is strong, you’ll get up to a week’s worth of use from a single two-hour charge. The compact design of the Nuband Activ+ houses a powerful smartwatch that tracks your steps, calories, and distance travelled

One of the features I particularly liked about the Activ+ was the vibrating alert to wake you at the end of a deep-sleep cycle. This ensures you get the best sleep and wake at the right moment feeling refreshed and revitalised. The vibration alarm can be used for other reminders – be it an appointment or the start of your favourite TV show.

Characteristic of the Nuband range, it’s simple, effective and streamlined. The battery lasts a long time on a short charge and its functionality is ideal for those wanting to analyse the basics in regards to health and fitness.

Nuband Activ+ Review


Nuband Activ+


Nuband Activ+

Battery Life
Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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