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Nuband Pulse Review

Nuband : Pulse

Nuband Review Web LinkI can’t deny it. I like the Nuband Pulse. It’s simple but effective. Streamlined and smart but full of the necessary features users need. It’s functional and easy to use but covers all the bases when it comes to health and fitness trackers.

It’s particularly effective for those users who want to track their heart rates and have a visible record of heart rates as they go about their daily routine. Everything is archived for later analysis (this includes steps, calories, and total distance travelled). There are few trackers on the market as simplistic yet effective.

Indeed, the great thing about the Pulse is that its streamlines software requires hardly any charging time. Two hours on charge will provide up to a week’s worth of usage. Other additional extras with the smartwatch include the ability to publicise your efforts on social media, while a vibrating alarm provides another added bonus. For the price, there are few as reliable as the Pulse.



Nuband : Pulse


Nuband : Pulse

Battery Life
Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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