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Tomtom Spark Review

TomTom : Spark Cardio + Music

tomtomlinkFitness tracking watches tend to be overlooked because people expect them to be quite gimmicky and have a short lifespan, but you shouldn’t make those mistakes with the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music.

The watch’s sleek look and large size instantly sets it apart from the rest in the field, and the size of it, although hard to first get used to, becomes quite familiar on the wrist. Due to it being larger than most fitness watches, it has features most don’t have- such as the heart monitor.

Additionally, the accuracy of the heart monitor is spot on, it records all spikes and drops when doing different kinds of training, and gives you an accurate record of your heart rate throughout the day.

Multi-sport mode is a helpful feature, as it ensures the watch isn’t one dimensional and doesn’t just account for one form of exercise. You can put it in running, cycling, swimming, gym, bike and treadmill mode. The watch will adjust its method of collecting data and present it to you differently according to which form of exercise you have been doing.

You are also able to set daily and weekly goals on the watch, and it tracks your progress towards them which further helps you get fitter and track your statistics whilst doing so.

The watch comes with 3GB of space to store music on, and can store up to 500 songs. To listen to music on there you will need Bluetooth headphones, and the watch allows you to pair up with any you may already own.

The GPS tracking on the watch is also very precise, an important feature as many other fitness watches have problem with their GPS tracking. It allows you to track your distance covered, how long you’ve been running for, and the amount of calories burnt in that timespan.

£189.99 may seem like a steep price for a watch that isn’t a Rolex, but the TomTom Spark is such a versatile piece of equipment that it is definitely worth purchasing. It is a watch that doubles up as a heart monitor, GPS, MP3 player and much more.


Danial Ahmed
Danial Ahmed
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