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Withings Activite Steel Review

Withings : Activite Steel

Withings Review Web LinkNow here’s a stylish fitness tracker. For those image-conscious among us, Withings Activite Steel is the ideal choice for users wanting to combine their fashionable personality with a health and fitness tracker.

Entering Withings’ range in the middle – between the elegant Activité Pop and the glitzy top-end model Withings Activité – the Steel brings traditional wristwatch chic to the fitness tracker market, enabling users to record their activities walking, running, swimming and sleeping.

For my money, there isn’t a more attractive wrist-based fitness tracker out there. And I include Apple’s range in that argument. Withings know how to put the “smart” into “smartwatch”. The stainless steel case looks incredibly cool, refined and sophisticated. The silicone strap is comfortable and hard-wearing, tackling underwater activities to a depth of 50m.

The nuts and bolts are one thing but how does the Steel do when it comes to software. The answer: it does really well. The well-organised health app can be tailored to your desires, highlighting the goals you want to set for yourself. It’s rightly highly rated by users, partly because of the effectiveness of its design and the ability to coordinate challenges with friends while advising on targets and progress. It also automatically detects your sleep and records data accordingly. The silent vibration alarm was a handy addition.

Thanks to a neat timeline you can track everything from weight and calories to heart rate and how restful your sleep is. You can add and subtract the data you record depending on your requirements which adds flexibility and usability.

And it’s accurate. Boy, is it accurate. I carried out two walking tests – one 500-step walk and one 1,500-step walk. The Steel measured the 500-step walk at 508 steps, the 1,500-step walk at 1,511. Not bad, I’m sure you’ll agree. That makes it an industry leader.



Withings Activite Steel


Withings Activite Steel

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Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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