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Withings Scales Review

Withings : Smart Body Analyzer

Withings ReviewThere’s a cool, crisp, smartly elegant style to all things Withings. And that even goes for its “smart” scales! Built by top class designers and the finest components, we were previously wowed by Withings Activite Steel smartwatch. It came as no surprise to see us similarly humbled by Withings’ Body scales.

I said when I reviewed the Activite that there are few, if any, smartwatch/fitness trackers out there as attractive as the Steel. You could say the same thing about the scales which work harmoniously with the watch to provide a multitude of data helping you to live a healthier lifestyle.

It’s easy to set up with its Wi-Fi compatibility and a neat backlit LCD giving you a clear idea of measurements through its bright, easy-to-read display. It might sound complicated at first – the amount of data the scales can analyse is exhausting – but simply step on and let it run its diagnostics. Within a minute you’ll be getting accurate readings about weight, BMI and heart rate. The device will also tell you about the room’s air quality.

Via a web/phone app you’re able to look at your data in more detail. This is really handy, very straightforward and a great way to track your goals. As you set yourself new targets it gives you the inspiration to succeed which adds another dimension to the device, one which encourages self-improvement.

Set yourself targets in terms of weight-loss or muscle mass using the app to monitor progress. It’s fun and intuitive. It’s also incredibly easy to use so absolutely anyone can make the most of the scales – young and old, novice enthusiasts to professional athletes.

You could argue the device is a little pricey and I wouldn’t disagree but you get a lot for your money. Not least the Body’s robust, strong build (it’ll last a long time) but the complementary web account provides you with not only the tools to track your fitness but the encouragement to achieve your goals. It also looks cool in the bathroom!

Withings Smart Body Analyzer Review

Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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