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Varidesk Review

Varidesk : Pro 36

varidesklinkIf you require a classy, stylish and spacious desk space for a dual monitor set up, then look no further, the Varidesk Pro 36 answers all your needs and more.

The desk has a single large stand space, which is big enough to accommodate for two monitors, or if you only need one then there is enough space to leave documents, accessories, or even a laptop.

36-9The space isn’t the key feature of the Pro 36 though, as the standing desk features Varidesk patented spring-assisted lift mechanism.  The mechanism allows the user to customize the desks height effortlessly, something I have not seen in any other standing desks.

This adaptability and versatility really sets the Pro 36 apart from its competitors, as you can keep changing its position to suit the situation you’re in or to make it more comfortable after a long session of work.

Sitting at a desk all day can be painful at times and can have a negative impact on your posture, which makes the spring mechanism seem even more vital, as you can keep changing the position and adjust your seating position to keep your posture in a good state.

Although it may be expected that when the Pro 36 is fully extended it will become shaky and unstable, after testing it out I can confirm that isn’t the case.  The desk stays just as sturdy and robust as it is when it’s at its lowest point.

As well as the position being changeable, the Pro 36 is also capable of supporting a moderate amount of weight, 15.8kg to be exact.  This allows the use of multiple monitors and stacks of documents to be stored on the standing desk, giving you extra options in storage and work environments.

Due to the Pro 36 being a standing desk, it can be placed upon a normal office desk, and just offers more options and room to place your office supplies and items.  I had seen standing desks before, but Varidesk take on them is definitely one of the best I’ve seen, its sleek design really add to its usability and give it the full package.

The Pro 36 retails at £335 with free delivery, which I think is a good deal despite it looking expensive initially.  The desk can be used in a variety of ways and serves as much more than just a standing desk.Varidesk Essential Reviews

Josh Phillips
Josh Phillips
1 Comment
  • Louis Stack
    Reply 18th January 2017 at 5:32 pm

    I have been standing mostly for 12 years and when I became aware of Varidesk at a Show in Chicago 3 years ago I knew for sure it was a game changer. Our entire staff uses and loves them as we switch from sitting to standing often and simply focus on incorporating movement around good posture every 30 minutes. I also use an AOB (Active Office Board) to stand on as it lets me have subtle movement while standing with good posture. I am an Active Office Advocate and I think Varidesk is the best choice for retrofitting existing work places to change them from a health liability in to a healthy asset.

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