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EMAX32 Review

Black & Decker : EMAX32


Mowing your lawn can be a tedious task at the best of times, so when purchasing a lawnmower, you want one that will make your life easier and make the task less arduous. Black & Decker’s EMAX32 Lawn Mower does exactly that and more.

With EdgeMax, you can mow right up to the edge of your garden as there are no wheels on the sides. This allows the base of the mower to touch the edge and gives you a clean cut all over the garden.

The EMAX32 is one of the lightest lawnmowers Black & Decker provide, which means it is very mobile whilst in use, and the integrated handle makes it even easier to move when you are not using it.

It features a rigid grass box which has a huge capacity of 35L, this eradicates the need to constantly empty it and frees up more time for you to maintain your garden and keep it in a good shape.

The E-Drive cutting system delivers high torque and is a high performance cutting system. This means that the mower is much less likely to stall whilst tackling tall or damp grass, and it will cut normal length grass at a very fast rate.

With its low profile design and manageable size, you will find it much easier to reach under garden furniture or overgrown shrubbery, giving you easier access to parts of your garden you weren’t able to reach and maintain before.

The RRP of the lawnmower is around £78, and for that price you would be getting a very durable and efficient mower which I found to be one of the better ones I have used. All in all, the EMAX32 is very worthwhile and is a brilliant piece of garden maintenance equipment.

Black & Decker EMAX32 Review

Danial Ahmed
Danial Ahmed
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