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Karcher K4 Review

Karcher : K4 Full Control

KarcherIt is hard to pick the best power washer, as it is easy to assume they’re all the same and will do the same job.  Karcher have disproved that theory with their powerful K4 Full Control pressure washer.

Some assembly work is required as the K4 is not ready for use straight out of the box, but the work required is very minimal and the only tool you need is a screwdriver to fix some parts of the washer together.

The K4 boasts three pressure levels so the washer can be used on a variety of surfaces, with an inbuilt LED display to let the user know what their pressure setting is.  The washer is most effective on medium sized patios and cars, but its variety of pressure levels mean it can tackle other surfaces and even tough dirt etc.

Not only is the K4 top quality for pressure washing, but it is highly compact and easily storable thanks to the retractable aluminium telescopic handle, and the storage space on top of the washer for the Full Control Trigger Gun and spraying lances.

It also has a Plug and Clean mode, which allows the user to apply the Plug & Clean detergent in one swift motion whilst the washer is in detergent mode.  The Karcher detergent basically improves the cleaning process, and makes sure that dirt will not appear again in stubborn areas

The K4 just feels quality, it is surprisingly sturdy and solid, the unit is quite heavy, giving it a high end feel, but not too heavy to the point that it is hard to move around with.  Despite its solid and heavy feel, the washer is quiet whilst in use, which is nice for your ears as it won’t deafen you whilst using it.

Having used many pressure washers in the past to wash cars and do general cleaning jobs around the house, there is a clear gulf in class after using the K4, the product feels much more high end than its competitors and its ease of use and mobility are key factors in that.

The retail price of £219.99 may seem steep, but for one of the best pressure washers on the market it is a wise investment.  Karcher also provide a three-year warranty with the K4, making the price tag look even better value wise.  The pressure washer has received rave reviews from customers, and Karchers reputation has further been bolstered by the highly efficient and effective K4 Full Control power washer.

K4 Full Control Home Review


Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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