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Nest Protect Review

Nest : Protect

nestlinkNest are fast becoming pioneers in the smart homes field, and their Nest Protect Smoke + CO Alarm falls into the same category of innovation and vision for the future like many other Nest products.

The Protect is not like many other smoke alarms, in the sense that when its batteries are low, it will tell you via the Nest app on your smartphone, this is much safer than the general method of just having to guess when the batteries are low and check constantly.

t2-glow-blueWhat I like most about the Protect is the fact that Nest have acknowledged the fact that sometimes the alarm will go off due to human error when cooking etc. To address this, Nest have put a silence button on the app which can be pressed to mute the alarm if you burn some food and its not an emergency.

I’m sure most users will be as surprised as I was when the smoke alarm speaks to them.  In the case of a fire, the alarm detects where the smoke and carbon monoxide is coming from if there is any, and what you should do to escape unharmed.  Not only is this technology revolutionary, but it can save lives in dangerous situations.

Using its split spectrum sensor, the Protect detects both fast burning and slow burning fires, so you will know how urgent the situation is and if there is any way to control it before evacuating the house.  I was impressed by this as you don’t expect a smoke alarm to be able to pinpoint the exact severity of a fire as well as where it is coming from, these sort of features show Nests capabilities and highlight why their smart products are regarded as some of the best available in the market.

Nest Protect Essential Review

Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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