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Pushpan : Pushpans

pushpanlinkCake baking can be quite stressful, especially when you attempt to get the cake out of a cake tin in the perfect round shape you imagined, only for it to flop out and ruin hours of hard work.

The PushPan has made this a problem of the past, with its patented silicone seal base and secure bottom, the PushPan makes getting a cake out in the right shape almost effortless.

Offering even heat distribution, the PushPan ensures that there won’t be any hot spots in the cake, and it is oven safe up to 230°C.  As well as being oven safe, PushPan’s are also freezer and metal tool safe, giving them a versatility not many cake tins have.

The PushPan’s do not require lining as well, saving the user money and time whilst also streamlining the baking process.

They are available in a variety of sizes, so you can use them on small or large cakes and get the same good quality results every time.

Retailing at around £10, the PushPan cake tins are a must have for anyone that is into their baking, and wants to ensure that their final product reflects their hard work and effort.

Pushpan Essential Review

Josh Phillips
Josh Phillips
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