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Kuhn Rikon Titanium Knives Review

Kuhn Rikon : Colori Titanium

Kuhn Rikon Review LinkYou know what you’re getting from Kuhn Rikon – quality, workmanship and precision. These are knife sets that will last a very long time and you know it the minute you pick them up. They just feel right in your hand – comfortable, hard-wearing and they do the job.

And that’s the reason you own Kuhn Rikon – to have knives that will work just as well on day one as they do on day 500. And they’re comfortable in your hand. I was busy chopping onions, carrots, mushrooms, garlic and an assortment of other vegetables to throw in a casserole and not once did my hand get numb from that monotonous action.

I love cooking but preparation is something I hate. The Kuhn Rikon range makes chopping fun. It’s partly because they’re so comfortable in your hand with the non-slip grip but it’s also quite satisfying how they cut through whatever you throw at them with the most effortless ease.

How does Kuhn Rikon manage this, you might ask? Well, the ice-hardened Japanese stainless steel blade provides an almost guarantee of long-lasting sharpness. Of course, no knife will remain as sharp on day 500 as it was on day 1 but with Kuhn Rikon there’s far less need to constantly re-sharpen them. Indeed, the titanium coating on the blade isn’t just there to create an elegant shine but protects and strengthens the blade to ensure it lasts for a long time. The matching sheath aids safe storage and helps to keep the blade sharp.

The Colori® Titanium knife set also looks great in any kitchen. For those wanting to add a bit of character to their kitchen while maintaining an elegant aesthetic, this knife set will give you everything your heart desires. People will be coming over for dinner and asking to try out your knives. Honestly, it’s happened to me on more than one occasion!


Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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