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Robert Welch Review

Robert Welch : Signature Knife Set

Robert Welch Review By Robert Welch, the Signature Knife Block Set with Sharpener comes straight out of the brand’s award-winning Signature range, boasting an exemplary set of complementary knives, each individually offering cutting-edge specification and proud reputations. Featuring fully-forged German stainless steel blades, the Signature range maximise upon comfort, balance and ease of use in one fell swoop.

Perhaps somewhat defined by ergonomic design, the knives represent a pinnacle of Japanese-themed cutting designs, allowing for smooth, clean and altogether easy cutting technique across a wide variety of ingredients; what’s more, the stylised Japanese features offer an aesthetically pleasing and sleek design which also helps to differentiate the range from key competitors.

Offering a very nice level of weight and balance across the range, complemented by the aforementioned durability and resilience in design, the Robert Welch Signature range offers a core standard of professional and consumer cooking knives which can be utilised on a long-term basis, with longevity and reliability clearly having been considered essential. Indeed, the build quality of the range suggests one most likely to stand the test of use over the course of many years.

As for the block itself, the set comes with a fully integrated ceramic wheel knife sharpener, as well as offering beautiful design and aesthetics to complement the knives themselves. Additional effort has also been made clear as to ensuring that the knives remain undamaged or dulled through inserting knives into the block itself, thus promoting further longevity for the range, and an increased level of value for the customer.

Robert Welch Review

Ciaran Jarosz
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