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Ninja Coffee Bar Review

Ninja : Coffee Bar


Home coffee machines are generally seen as pointless purchases and tend to just gather dust in the kitchen after being used once, but the Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Edition is far from a one use gimmick.

I was initially confused when I saw the machine, as it looked like something from Back To The Future, but when I used it a couple of times, it became much easier and became as simple as going into Costa and paying someone else to make your coffee for you.

The glass carafe is complimented by the simplistic colour scheme, giving the Ninja a sleek, simple but futuristic look, a brilliant addition to any kitchen in my opinion.

The coffee maker comes with a coffee shop style recipe guide, so you can have that rather complicated coffee you ordered once but don’t remember the name of, and recreate it with ease.

Ninja also provide a frother that can be used on hot or cold milk, perfect for creamy latte’s and cappuccinos, and they taste and look exactly the same as one you would get on the high street.coffee-header

In addition, the coffee bar also comes with two Tritan insulated mugs, perfect if you need to keep the coffee warm a bit longer than usual, and although mugs aren’t a necessary addition, it’s a nice extra that I’m sure most customers will appreciate.

Aside from the extras, the coffee bar boasts an intelligent warming plate and Auto IQ Technology, meaning your coffee will stay at an optimum temperature when it is made.  I was particularly impressed by those features, as it’s so easy to make a coffee and forget about it in a rush, and downing a cold coffee isn’t a great experience.

£169.99 is not a huge price for a coffee bar that possesses as much quality and innovation as the Ninja Coffee Bar, ranging from its Hi-Tec features to the luxurious extras the coffee bar comes with, it will keep customers happy and provide them with a top notch cup of coffee every morning.Ninja Review

Danial Ahmed
Danial Ahmed
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