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Bloom Matcha Review

Bloom : Matcha

bloomlinkTea is generally perceived as a “comfort drink” but Bloom are going against that natural perception of the hot drink loved by many, by providing memory boosting, energy releasing, and immune system strengthening concoctions.

Bloom’s range of matchas (green tea powder) have been proven to aid with all the above mentioned effects, whilst still maintaining an addictive and delicious taste within their teas.  Although it is generally known that anything that is good for you does not taste good, Bloom have created an exception in their range of teas.

I was initially sceptical of the tea, but after trying the Tea Treatment Plan outlined on the Bloom website, I was instantly won over.

sleep-030148The plan highlights five of their different types of tea you should drink throughout a typical day, all with different qualities that align with the time you drink them.  For example, the tea I drank in the morning prepared my metabolism for the day ahead, and gave me the boost I needed for an early start.

Bloom have made it clear that they believe in “tea as a treatment”, but they have not neglected taste in their pursuit of trying to create green tea powder that highly benefits the drinkers body.  With positive effects ranging from relaxing muscle tension to aiding digestion, Bloom have found the perfect blend in their green tea matchas.

Whether you are on a health cleanse or you are just tired of drinking the same mundane tea every day, Bloom is a viable option to consider for your tea needs.  I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the green tea extracts as I am not a tea drinker, but after trying some of the matchas Bloom offer it’s safe to say I have been converted.

For a 30g jar of a matcha of your choice, you will only have to fork out £16.99, and although that seems expensive for tea, you have to keep in mind that one jar is a month’s supply of some of the finest green tea available on the market.


Bloom Matcha Range

Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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