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Kuhn Rikon Review

Kuhn Rikon : Kinderkitchen Essential Set

Kuhn Rikon Review LinkThis is a handy set aimed at children to get them into cooking. Boasting the quality of the Kuhn Rikon build and the peace of mind this international manufacturer brings to the table, the Kinderkitchen® tools have been specially made for children to use safely. They’re especially good at getting children into the kitchen and thinking about food preparation but in a safe environment.

The knives, made with Japanese stainless steel, are branded as being able to “create memories for the whole family” and we’d agree. I got my nieces and nephews to have a go with the knives and they loved getting stuck in and helping the adults make tea.

The Duck Snippers are made for use with herbs and vegetables, the non-serrated Dog Knife is for fruit and spreading butters, and the serrated Dog Knife is suited to soft-skinned fruits and vegetables.

kinderkitchen-dog-knifeThe knives are ideally constructed for small hands, colourful and enticing, and sharp enough to cut food but not children’s fingers.

Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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