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Charles Viancin Review

Charles Viancin : Kitchen Accessories

Charles Viancin Review LinkYou could say the quality is in the name. And you’d be right. But Charles Viancin products are more than mere reputation. They’re durable, aesthetically unique additions to your kitchenware that offer a distinguished change of pace from your typical “pots and pans”.

The Viancin collection might be an acquired taste but for literally anyone wanting to add colour and vibrancy to their kitchen, the range, inspired by nature, provides a dynamic and visually appealing side-step from the norm.

Over the last decade the company has set out to design fun and functional kitchenware inspired by the nature found in the French Alps. There’s a serene, zen-like ambiance to the collection which has been styled on an assortment of flowers and fauna such as poppies, daises, lily pads and butterflies.

But looks are only part of the beauty of Charles Viancin. Responsibly made, the kitchenware is manufactured with BPA-free silicone providing a durable, long-lasting product that’s importantly easy to clean. Indeed, just think about how much tin foil is used and thrown away every year in every kitchen up and down the country? A single Charles Viancin lid will last years while helping home cooks protect the environment in the process.

Ultimately you get something that is pretty and practical. Any splashes are easily cleaned and the products will happily go in the dishwasher and oven making the whole process that bit easier.

Charles Viancin Review 2

Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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