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BabyBjörn Review

BabyBjörn : Baby Carrier One

BabyBjörn ReviewUnlike many of the rival baby carriers presently available on the market, BabyBjörn brings to the table a stylish, casual and altogether aesthetically appealing alternative to other carriers. Yet, as can be alluded to in the name of the BabyBjörn Carrier One Outdoors itself, one can also surmise (and rightly so) that the carrier is also then tailored towards outdoor activity and the parent on the move.

Combining an ergonomic structure (encompassing wide-leg positioning) as well as fabrics best suited to physical exercise, with material resilience, harsher conditions and a structure to allow for unphased physical exertion, without impeding breathing efforts. Additional storage is also provided, both for outdoor provisions and also for babycare essentials; in effect, becoming an all-purpose storage and carrying device for exciting days out with the baby.

Also allowing for more comfortable strapping and movement, the BabyBjörn Carrier One Outdoors also allows for comfortable and simplistic readjustment, including the repositioning of the baby from front to back of the wearer without needing assistance from third parties – this then allowing for the convenience of the carrier whilst on the go not to then be diminished for solo explorers and travelers.

Due to the differences in strapping in, the carrier is one that new users will need to readjust to, with initial convenience in wearing the carrier comfortably being somewhat harder for people new to BabyBjörn. That said, with time, the carrier becomes evermore convenient as one gets used to the ergonomic design, with the full benefits of the carrier coming through over continued use.

BabyBjörn Review

Ciaran Jarosz
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