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OiOi Slouch Hobo Review

OiOi : Slouch Hobo

Oioi Review LinkFor mothers who want to accessorise through their baby-changing paraphernalia, look no further than the range by OiOi. Lisa Bennetts created the collection of stylish handbags during her first pregnancy. Understandably, her focus was shifted during this time, prompting her to test the market for that much-needed “baby bag”. But she as unimpressed. She called the market’s offer of “patchwork, dotty and character-emblazoned” bags not suitable for anyone wanting to retain their fashion sanity post-birth. So she adapted an old black handbag into a serviceable baby bag that organised all she needed to keep baby happy, fed and clean.

She continued to develop a range of bags suitable for what women in their thirties who wanted to retain a sense of style, not their baby’s. This saw the Classic Messenger bag enter the market first, an “incognito” microfiber model that complemented a new mother’s sense of individuality. The range has continued to develop and has attracted the acclaim of celebrity mums and dads including Kylie Minogue and Cate Blanchett.

The Slouch Hobo bag is a minimalist baby bag for women that, characteristic of the brand, looks nothing like a “baby bag”. But within its small stature it contains a decent amount of space and a flexible interior to carry all your important baby items from nappies, a change of clothes and a couple of milk bottles.

What I like about the OiOi range is that you can tell immediately that the bag has been designed with an innate knowledge of what new mothers (and fathers, as OiOi has a men’s range) need. They’re practical but look good, flexible to individual need and a stylish enhancement to individuality.

We were additionally very impressed by the bag’s extendable feature. A centre zip can be used to extend the bag’s capacity when needed. This is particularly useful for long days out – perhaps when venturing a couple of hours away from home or going on day trips or holiday. When you need extra space for another set of clothes, a double helping of nappies or extra bottles (maybe even toys), this is an essential and impressive feature.

The Slouch Hobo will also sit nicely on a pram’s frame or comfortably on your shoulder. The bag comes with a couple of shoulder straps – one long, one short – to allow you to find what’s most comfortable for you. We liked the shorter strap but the longer strap extends across the body which may be more appealing – in comfort and style – to some.

We were mightily impressed with the Slouch Hobo bag from OiOi. It looks good, maintaining your own sense of style while providing peace of mind that you have everything baby needs.

OiOi Slouch Hobo Review

Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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