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Pacapod Review

Pacapod : Picos Pack

Pacapod Review LinkLet’s go rambling with Pacapod! For Dads, taking out their little ones can be daunting. Often we’re still trying to find that precious bond that mothers and their babies get from the closeness they enjoy during interaction in early life. It’s an inevitability really, especially when mothers are breastfeeding because of the innate bonding experience this is for parent and child. For Dads this much talked about idea of skin-to-skin seems to be the way forward, a subliminal way to bond with babies during their first few weeks of life.

But once the smiles start coming, maybe that first word and the exciting moment they take their first steps, Dads can really begin to create special memories with their children. What I love about the Picos Pack from Pacapod is that it gives Dads the confidence to take their children out of the protective home environment and into the world. It can be a daunting task, especially without Mum, but this comfortable, stylish and fully-loaded backpack gives you the peace of mind that you’ve got everything you need to make a trip out, a memorable one.

I was particularly impressed with the main compartment. It includes two storage pods that can be removed providing you with the opportunity to tailor the space to your needs. I had no trouble getting two bottles, nappies, a change of clothes and even a picnic blanket in there.

But don’t cram it all in one place. The Changer Pod is designed to look after all the little bits and pieces you need to keep baby comfortable, clean and fed. There’s pockets here to secure everything from nappies and hand sanitiser to a first aid kit (if you’re the hypochondriac type). There’s even the handy insulated Feeder Pod for your bottles.

The bonus of all this is you’ll have everything you need at your disposal in a comfortable-to-wear back pack that also looks good. The faded black cordura type outer fabric with its brown zips looks smart and elegant with a pleasingly informal touch. The durable water repellent finish is also handy for cleaning. And ensures the Picos Pack will be your companion for a long time.

Packapod Pico Review

Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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