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Babyzen YoYo+ Review

Babyzen : YoYo+

babyzenlinkFor any new parents, especially first-time mums and dads, the introduction of a new member of the family can be daunting. The last thing you want is unreliable equipment letting you down! Thankfully, the Babyzen YoYo+, the first pram to fit in an aircraft’s overhead locker, is the sort of pushchair that will stand the test of time. It’s built to last; a piece of kit for mums and dads that will successfully remain in the family for baby one, baby two and even babies three and four!

Principally, the Babyzen YoYo+ captures two key desires of parents. Firstly, it’s light in weight and easily carried and stored, boasting a structure that will fit snugly in an aircraft’s overhead locker
meaning it’s great to take on holiday. In addition, it’s well-built with good quality materials that include medium-sized wheels and the company’s “soft drive” system for appropriate manoeuvrability on different surfaces and a safe, comfortable ride for your baby.

What I particularly loved about the Babyzen YoYo+ was its ease-of-motion. Not only is it a comfortable ride for your baby, it glides across tarmac pavements and even manages the challenge of grassed areas and off-road bridleways where uneven rocks and mud can sometimes scupper your plans if using cheaply-made pushchairs.

The Babyzen YoYo+ boasts great build quality which, thanks to its four-wheel suspension and weight (between
6.2kg and 6.6kg depending on the version), makes everything from a daily city centre walk to countryside day trips a pleasant, stress-free experience. The guys at Babyzen have updated the rubber wheels with the latest model to make the ride even more comfortable for baby.

Babyzen ReviewAlthough the pushchair isn’t designed for rough terrain, we found it manages bridleways quite well while the soft drive system adapts to the surface you’re on meaning there’s no need to lock the front wheel. Importantly, your baby will be comfortable and might get a good nap too!

The company, which was created by a bunch of men with a plan to develop practical pushchairs that also look good, gives us a feature-loaded pram with the YoYo+ with the pack including a pop-up canopy, raincover, basket, baby nest, foot cover, newborn head support, and detachable shoulder strap.

The rear-facing seating position means you can maintain eyes on your little one while the adaptability of the pram means it can safely accommodate infants in a totally flat position.

Once babies have reached six months, they can then be seated in the upright position with comfort again considered as the backrest can be positioned in several ways to a position of 145 degrees, featuring comfortable padding and the security of a five-point harness. This is accomplished by removing the newborn nest and adding the 6+ pack (which is priced at £70), making the pushchair outward facing allowing your growing child to see the world!

I loved the Babyzen YoYo+ because of its ease-of-use. It’s a great pushchair for those wanting something to safely take newborn infants out and about or those wanting an additional pushchair for travelling where weight and easy storage is paramount. But this is the sort of pram that will stand the test of time so it’s a good investment either way.

Yoyo Review

Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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