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BOB Revolution Pro Review

BOB : Revolution Pro

BOB Review Web LinkWhere the Revolution Pro comes is, quite literally, in style. Going above and beyond the “needs and requirements” of what a buggy should be, the item is running and skating approved, allowing for speed, style and fluid movement. Able to build up speed, tackle various terrains and zoom through the streets, the Revolution Pro isn’t just a buggy, it’s also a means of enjoyment, speed and adventure.

The item is built with durability in mind, combined with the perspective of an on-the-go user who doesn’t wish to be slowed down by a conventional buggy. To facilitate speed (and safety at the same time), the buggy comes with a lockable swivel front wheel, drum handbrake and adjustable handle to individuals to cruise in style, efficiently and in a way which always puts the child in a position of safety (and perhaps also enjoyment).

What makes the Revolution Pro special, as I’m sure you can imagine, is the role in which it can play in family life. Unlike many buggies which exist to simply fit the base purpose, this item can contribute to a healthy, positive and active lifestyle on-the-go. The question is, why live in a life of necessity when you can live in a life full of fun and enjoyment?

BOB Revolution Pro Review


BOB : Revolution Pro


BOB : Revolution Pro

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Ciaran Jarosz
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