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Cybex Priam Review

Cybex : Priam

Cybex Review Web LinkAlthough coming in at a notably higher price tag than the other items in this month’s review focus, the PRIAM surely deserves a spot within, primarily attributed to the sheer quality, versatility and adaptability of the item in an oft-demanding market; in fact, it is this very diversity which comes to define this item, brought to us by Cybex.

With a one-fold mechanism, the PRIAM is quick, simple and easy to fold into a compact, easy-to-carry or store package – in effect, the folding mechanism allows for the item to be folded away with one hand, even then being folded into a free-standing unit should individuals wish to safely store the item by them on transport, or in an outlet. This allows for a great deal of convenience in oft-difficult or embarrassing situations.

Within the realm of differing terrains, however, is where the PRIAM comes into its own. With a choice of different wheels for different paths and surface types, the buggy is able to overcome terrains of all shape s and forms, thus allowing for a level of reliability and confidence in day to day use. What’s more, the item comes as a 3-in-1 system for different usage means, such as a travel system with matching carry cot, with an award-winning CYBEX infant car seat, or alternatively, as a luxurious stroller.



Cybex : Priam


Cybex : Priam

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Ciaran Jarosz
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