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iCandy Strawberry Review

iCandy : Strawberry 2

iCandy Review Web LinkComing in as a marked improvement of the Strawberry 1, the Strawberry 2 is a lighter, more resilient and cheaper alternative of the well-received Strawberry 1. Sleek, stylish and convenience, this item fits the very name of the brand identity quite aptly (iCandy), with a very smart and comfortable appearance. Certainly one of the best looking buggies we have received to date, buyers surely won’t feel ashamed when pushing this item around.

Where Stawberry 2 comes into the game is in the offering of the perfect travel solution, straight out of the box. Although notable already in the resilience and structural stability of the item, the iCandy Strawberry 2 uses the innovative and unique Step & Fold mechanism, featuring a unique Memory system to ensure that the seat is set back into the original, “memorised”, position when unfolded once more. Not only does this bring about a level of convenience in not needing to adjust the item on a regular basis, but also in achieving a level of consistency and associated comfort.

With raincover included, along with under-seat storage and a large shopping basket, the Strawberry 2 comes well equipped to tackle the challenges of day-to-day life, allowing for ample storage of accessories, children’s care essentials and shopping – after all, a parent must always be able to continue their own day-to-day life whilst caring for their child.

iCandy Strawberry 2 Review


iCandy : Strawberry 2


iCandy : Strawberry 2

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Ciaran Jarosz
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