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KOOCHI Pushmatic Review

Koochi : Pushmatic

Koochi Review Web LinkBrought to us by Koochi, the Pushmatic is sturdy and, somewhat surprisingly lightweight. Though seemingly quite a considerable item, with clear effort put into the build quality and durability, the item is in fact only 6.7kg, minimising the inconvenience often seen from larger, more cumbersome buggies. This comes coupled with smooth steering and all-round suspension, allowing for the buggy to glide along the pavement, then being supported further by a 3-wheel system for better manoeuvrability – essential in navigating crowded areas and town centres.

Comfort is one of the areas where the Pushmatic comes into its own. Coming with adjustable recline and and leg rest, with accompanying footmuff, it’s no real surprise why the Koochi Pushmatic is a favourite with newborns and older babies alike. Additional systems in place to allow for breaking and interaction with the baby also then allows for an extra layer of convenience and support which, when combined with a flat-fold system, allows for a level of utter convenience and suitability.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the Pushmatic also comes with different covers and hoods for alternating weather conditions – conditions often seen changing in the reputably volatile English climate. This includes a retractable hood with build in UPF50+ sun protection along with a raincover in its own kitbag , all stored on-board.


Koochi : Pushmatic


Koochi : Pushmatic

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Ciaran Jarosz
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