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Jimu Robot Review

Ubtech : Jimu Robot Meebot Kit


Robots are generally assumed to be used for mechanical and production purposes, but Ubtech’s Jimu Robot Meebot robot kit allows you to create your own personal robot and program it using the Jimu mobile app.

I expected the robot to be very gimmicky and not function properly, but I was pleasantly surprised by its smooth movement and ability to follow the movements I planned for it on the app.  The robots smooth and realistic movements come as a result of its six robotic servo motors, making it one of the most sophisticated personal use robots in the market currently.

Another feature of the robot that amazed me was the option to make whatever type of robot you want- the robot is made of 201 snap together pieces, giving the user full customization and choice over what their robot will look like.  The ability to chop and change the robot to make it exactly as I wanted was a major selling point for me.

Aside from the building phase, the intuitive iPhone app is easy to use and understand, and allows for an unreal level of customization of the robot’s action.  You have the choice to make the robot carry out set actions, or make it do some of your choice simply by recording yourself doing the action and playing it back.

The Jimu Robot Community is brilliant as well, as many users post photos and videos of their robots on there, which other users can see and like, providing inspiration for Meebot users all over the world.

This level of interaction and quality is unheard of in most personal use robots, and that is what kept me so interested in the Jimu Meebot, the possibilities are endless and what your robot looks like and does is completely up to you as an individual.

Jimu Robot

Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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