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Review Terms & Conditions


  1. Review products are selected at our discretion
  2. All products must comply with the relevant International & European Union safety standards as required by UK law.
  3. The review content will be independently produced by ourselves and will not be influenced by either the manufacturer or any company representing the manufacturer, including but not limited to PR agents, marketing agents, 3rd party communication companies etc.
  4. We will share the review content with you once available but we cannot confirm an exact date and time at which the review will go live on Essential Reviews or any of our partner websites and publications.
  5. All review samples must be delivered to us completely free of charge, in a new, unused condition. The review sample(s) become the property of PTC International Ltd trading as Essential Reviews to do with as we see fit.
  6. Review content may be changed or removed from our site(s) at any time.

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  1. We can enter your product into competitions and giveaways across our website, partner websites and publications.
  2. The product must be reviewed by us first and the product must score at least 85% by ourselves to be used as competition prize.
  3. We will not use the review sample as the competition prize and an additional sample must be sent to us prior to competition launch.
  4. All giveaway items must be the same product as the reviewed product and provided to us completely free of charge, in new, unused condition.
  5. We will handle packaging and shipping cost (up to £20) to our promotional winners. This is to prevent our readers and fans from dealing with possible voucher code technical issues.  Any promotional product with a shipping cost above £20 will need to be provided by product manufacturer or representative company.
  6. Acceptance of your product into one of our promotions will not influence the rating of reviewed products past, present or future.

For any help, comments etc. please contact us here.

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