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Kitsound Boom DAB Essential Review

Kitsound : Boom DAB

Kitsound ReviewWhen it comes to DAB radios, the Kitsound Boom DAB is up there as one of the best ones available on the market right now.  With features ranging from simple Bluetooth pairing to a USB output to charge your devices and an AUX port to plug them in, it’s easy to see why the Boom DAB receives such positive reviews.

The unit itself is neat and compact, and because of its space saving design it is easy to move around and can fit nicely into any cupboard space etc.  The Boom is also quite sturdy for its size, but still keeps a stylish and minimalistic look.

Kitsound DAB ReviewDual alarms are another key feature on the Boom, users can set two different alarms to go off at any time, meaning you can set a weekend alarm and a weekday alarm to save time faffing around constantly having to set different alarms for different days.  You can also set them to go off straight after each other if you struggle to get up from just one alarm.
The Boom allows for 20 different radio stations to be saved at one time, again saving you time as you won’t need to manually tune into your favourite radio stations every time you us the radio.  It is clear that Kitsound aimed to make the Boom a streamlined efficient radio using experience, and after using it, I have to say they got it spot on.

High quality and clear sound is generally linked to Kitsound, as they have a reputation for their speakers providing extreme clarity, and the Boom is no different.  It boasts a 20-watt speaker, and when using it I could really hear the sound quality that you just don’t get in some radio’s.

For £100 I think the Kitsound Boom DAB radio is an absolute steal, I’ve never come across a radio that looks as sleek and slender, but still provides clear and brilliant sound quality.

Danial Ahmed
Danial Ahmed
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