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Nextbase 212 Essential Review

Nextbase : 212

nextbaselinkDash cams can be an essential piece of equipment in the event of a car accident, and Nextbase iN-CAR CAM 212 Lite Dash Cam does everything you would expect a dash cam to do, but has revolutionised the way it does that.

The 212 Lite is the first in the market to use the magnetic Click&Go technology, using magnets and powered touch points, the technology frees the dash cam of any wires, and makes it easy to detach and reattach whenever you want to.

This technology is what swayed me, as dash cams are notoriously quite fiddly with the wiring required, but after using Nextbase 212 Lite, I was sold.  It is similar to just attaching a Sat-Nav, and is about as easy to use.

The dash cam itself is quite small, but feels quite solid and sturdy, it looks simple and is very easy to figure out.  There are only a few buttons, and after messing about with it for a bit I had figured it out pretty quickly.

Recording quality is generally quite poor on dash cams, but this one records in 1080p HD thanks to the Six-Element Sharp Lenses, and when you come to watching recordings back, the 2.7” LED display is very crisp and easy to watch videos back on.

Another piece of innovative technology I was amazed by was the inbuilt motion sensors.  The sensors detect abrupt stoppages of the vehicle in the event of an accident, and automatically save a recording of the lead up to the incident.

In terms of saving videos, the 212 Lite supports SDHC Micro SD cards up to 32GB.  For the retail price of £69.99 you will be hard pressed to find another dash cam that packs as many innovative features in as this one, and also records in such high quality.


Josh Phillips
Josh Phillips
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