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TaoTronics Essential Review

TaoTronics : TT-CD06

taolinkIn an era where fraudulent insurance claims are becoming increasingly common, dash cams have become a smart investment.  In steps the TaoTronics Car DVR Dash Cam.

With its 160-degree wide angle lens, and ability to record in 1080p at 45fps, the TaoTronics dash cam is one of the best available on the market.  The camera also boasts top quality NightTime Video Recording, making blurred video and unclear pixels a thing of the past.

As a driver for a few years now, I understand the importance of dash cams, but sometimes you can use a dash cam that records in poor quality and is more of a hindrance than an aid, not the TaoTronics.

TaoTronics two-inch screen allows the 2K video to be viewed in crisp and clear quality, allowing the driver to watch their videos back and easily identify people or number plates, a key tool in an insurance claim situation.

Coupled with the 400W image sensor, this camera packs some serious recording quality for such a small and simplistic unit, giving you the sort of recording quality you would expect from actual photography cameras.  TaoTronics have found the perfect blend between ease of use and high end features.

The camera comes with multiple mounts and is extremely easy to set up and integrate with your driving.  Buttons are clearly illustrated so you aren’t distracted from the road whilst driving, and the camera auto switches on and off when the ignition is turned, saving you the hassle of constantly messing around with the camera to get it working.

The adjustable 360-degree mount is a simple yet welcome feature, considering not many other dash cams have one.  The mount allows you to position the camera in any position you feel comfortable with, offering a level of customization you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

For the low £79.99 price tag, the value for money on this dash cam is perhaps the best feature, dash cams are generally quite expensive and do not pack as many features and technology that the TaoTronics provides, making it a must purchase if you are considering buying a dash cam.


Danial Ahmed
Danial Ahmed
1 Comment
  • Sergiy
    Reply 22nd December 2016 at 5:27 am

    I’ve both this camera from Amazon.com. In driving mode Camera works the only 3 minutes after them its turned-off. Please advise what settings shall be changed that it will work as required.
    Thank you,

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