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Addon T3 Review

Audio Pro : Addon T3

Addon Review Web LinkStyle, substance and that little, intangible something extra is what you get with Addon T3. The speaker looks great – simple and classy with a refined, elegant finish – the T3 sits comfortably in the homes of those image conscious users. If its inherent character isn’t that “little bit extra” then its battery life just might be. Boasting great energy efficiency, a full charge can deliver up to 30 hours of non-stop sound making this an industry leader.

Easily set-up (offering auxiliary input and a USB mobile phone charging port as well as Bluetooth), neatly compact ready for your travels, and packing a punch in terms of sound, the Addon T3 is the supermodel of the Bluetooth speaker world. The acoustics of the speaker have been specially designed to bring the best possible sound from a quaint, unassuming structure. We found it produced a clear sound stage featuring crisp trebles and deep bass across the music we tried. Coldplay’s orchestra of guitars sounded great from the T3 as did the greatest hits of movie composer Hans Zimmer.

With a strong, robust build, the T3 marries many of the features you’d want from a Bluetooth speaker. It looks good, has fantastic battery life, and provides sound quality that matches its attractive design.

Addon T3 Review


Addon : T3


Addon : T3 - Portable Speaker

Build Quality
Battery Life
Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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