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Bayan Audio SoundScene 3 Review

Bayan Audio : SoundScene 3

Bayan Audio Review Web LinkThe SoundScene has a number of expected features we’re likely to see elsewhere on the market. But it has one particular stand out trait. That’s its ability to withstand pretty much whatever you throw at it. The kids can be splashing away in the blow-up plastic pool to the sounds of Taylor Swift and soak the SoundScene with blasts from their water pistols and this robust portable Bluetooth speaker will still keep going. A bit like the Duracell bunny – remember “him”?

This is one of the larger speakers we tested but delivers a sound worthy of its make-up. Great for outdoors – think rock n roll while lighting the BBQ – the SoundScene, with its duo drivers providing 20W stereo output with passive bass, has the ability to tackle the wall-less outdoors with aplomb. You can also pair it up to have multiple speakers going at the same time. You’ll easily be able to decipher between your Mick Jaggers and Michael Jacksons as the cocktails flow. If the kids spill fruit juice on the SoundScene, don’t fret, it laughs in the face of inevitable domestic disasters where kids are involved.

We’d describe the speaker as a solid performer. It gives users the confidence to use outdoors because of its weather-resistant design and tough silicon base, while its big and bold design looks cool when family and friends are over for dinner. Easily connected to your Bluetooth devices, the speaker is quick and easy to set-up. If we had a gripe it’d be that the 8-hour battery life is a little shorter than competitors on the market but it provides plenty of time for a day-long social gathering. The size of the speaker also makes it less portable and must be a consideration for those taking it on their travels.


Bayan Audio : Soundscene 3


Bayan Audio : Soundscene 3 - Bluetooth Speaker

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Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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