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Beats : Pill+

drelinkBeats by Dre is a brand that needs no introduction. You don’t need to look far on the high street to see someone sporting headphones from the acclaimed brand. Why? Because Beats by Dre has created its own niche; a style that distinguishes itself from the competition helping its customers stand out. The brand has become something of a fashion accessory. It means that in many cases style can and does outweigh substance, its core audience populated by those with disposable income and a genuine desire to look “on trend”.


So how does that play into the portable speaker market; a corner of the sector you can’t wear as an extension to your fashion choices. Yet, Beats by Dre understands the fundamentals of technology and how it needs to look the part as well as deliver the goods. While its stylish headphones can add colour and character to someone’s dress sense, its speakers can also aid individuality.

But is £190 a worthy piece of personal expenditure to add a portable speaker to your tech portfolio? If a reliable brand and confident construction is what you’re looking for, Beats by Dre covers all the bases. Indeed, you get a sturdy, well-made speaker using the finest components. Add into the mix the great-looking Beats Pill and you have a speaker with its own noteworthy character.


appPerhaps the speaker lets itself down on bass and midrange levels in comparison with some competitors but it still packs a real punch. Within its wide-body – it measures 190mm long in cylindrical
form with a 45mm diameter and weight of 310g – the speaker’s four one-inch drivers offer a combined output of 12W giving it plenty of power.
The Beats Pill also has other attractive attributes. Aside from Apt-X technology, a smart-looking carry case, and the choice of three colours, the speaker boasts a decent battery life (of around 8 hours when used at mid-volume), speakerphone capabilities and a very easy-to-operate connection to smartphones.

Indeed, connectivity is a great “plus” when it comes to the Beats Pill. Its conference call attributes give it that added level of attraction for those who may be using the device in a work or office environment. The speaker charges easily through its USB connection and boasts both input and output ports for audio (with input for non-Bluetooth speakers adding flexibility). The audio output, however, is where you get some extra little benefits because it allows you to connect to an amp or AV receiver which can then stream wireless audio to a stationary home audio system. It’s a handy feature.

There are speakers in the market that sport a more well-rounded, refined audio profile (particularly when concerning bass) but you’ll have to give up either build-quality or a sense of style to go with these over the Beats Pill. Overall, we thought it was an excellent speaker. You do get what you pay for – quality, build and style – and can rest in the knowledge this device will last a long time.



Beats : Pill+


Beats : Pill+

Build Quality
Battery Life
Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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