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Cambridge Audio Go Review-

Cambridge Audio : Go


Portable speakers are always a tough purchase – there are so many options out there but you don’t have the time to look through them all and make a decision.  Whatever the case, the Cambridge Audio GO should be one of your options.

At first glance the GO looks like any other portable speaker, but the similarities end there.  Boasting a battery life of 18 hours off a full charge if played at a normal volume level, the speaker will almost certainly outlast the device it is paired to and playing music off.

To eliminate that problem, Cambridge Audio have added a USB output on the speaker, which allows you to plug in your phone or tablet and charge it using the speaker to do so.  There are not many other portable speakers that offer that option.

The speaker has a very simplistic design, featuring only four buttons- volume up/down, Bluetooth pairing mode, and the power button.  This barebones design makes the speaker accessible to everyone, and won’t confuse you with an array of buttons all over it.

Clear sound and clarity within the audio are big features in the GO, as it delivers both whilst also providing a soothing deep bass which can be felt and heard no matter how loud or quiet the volume is.

The unit is quite bulky and heavy which gives it a premium feel, and highlights that real time has been spent developing it.  Its size and weight eliminate the worry of it being damaged if it is taken on long journeys, and it is perfect for use on outings.

With an RRP of £100, the Cambridge Audio GO is a viable option if you need a good quality but reasonably priced portable speaker.  Its combo use of being a portable phone charger is a nice feature, and we think it will sway people towards getting the GO instead a more high profile speaker.


Josh Phillips
Josh Phillips
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