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Kitsound Hive Evolution Review

Kitsound : Hive Evolution

Kitsound Review

Kitsound have a strong reputation and brand image in the audio system industry, and their new Kitsound Hive Evolution portable speaker is a testament to that.

The sleek flat oval shape immediately sets the speaker apart from the rest, as it is a welcome change from the bog standard slim rectangular speakers we have grown so accustomed to.

Although you may think the sleek futuristic look will mean the speaker is flimsy, you are mistaken. Kitsound have ensured the weight is evenly spread so the speaker is quite strong and resolute, perfect for taking on long car journeys or holidays.

Boasting two passive bass radiators (most portable speakers have one), the Hive Evolution provides a well-balanced deep sound with good bass so you can really feel the music as well as listen to it.

However, you do not lose clarity in the music tones as you turn up the volume, a problem which a lot of the speakers on the market currently suffer from.

The speaker is very easy to pair up with on devices such as tablets or phones, so you can be enjoying your music as quick as five minutes after getting the speaker out of the box.

The speaker provides eight hours of playtime off a full charge, so it is suitable for use anywhere, and you won’t need to be constantly worrying about where you can next charge it.

Kitsound sell the speaker for only £100, which compared to some competitor’s price ranges, is an absolute bargain for a speaker of the quality the Hive Evolution boasts.

It’s ease of use and general quality all round set it apart from other portable speakers, and it should definitely be your first choice for your portable speaker needs.

Kitsound Hive Evolution Review


Kitsound : Hive Evolution


Kitsound : Hive Evolution

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Danial Ahmed
Danial Ahmed
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