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Marshall Kilburn Review

Marshall : Kilburn

Marshall Review Web LinkFor those wanting to mix retro design with contemporary digital technology, Marshall’s Kilburn offers just that. The portable Bluetooth speaker, which resembles a 1960s “wireless”, adds an attractive aesthetic to those image conscious users who want to add extra character to their home environment.

Certainly, its size (24cm in length and 14cm deep) makes it less portable than many Bluetooth speakers on the market but this piece of vintage-styled engineering provides unrivaled sound. Surprisingly lightweight, Marshall’s expertise means the Kilburn can confidently hit top volume without distortion while offering a long battery life up to 20 hours.

With its analogue knobs, guitar-influenced leather strap and the unmistakable aesthetic of the brand, the Kilburn is a hearty addition to the portable Bluetooth market with many defining qualities. It’s most notable feature is its sound: fantastic mid-range with extended highs gives a sound stage other competitors can only dream about.

Marshall Kilburn Review


Marshall : Kilburn


Marshall : Kilburn Portable Speaker

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Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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