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Minirig Review


Minirig Review Web LinkThe market for portable Bluetooth speakers has never been so competitive. From emerging brands to recognised industry veterans, Bluetooth speaker technology has advanced side-by-side with our desire to have more flexibility in the way we listen and interact with music. Minirig’s latest product is a great example of Bluetooth speaker technology done right.

At £130, it is one of the pricier models on the market but you get what you pay for. That is quality – in design, build, and importantly, sound reproduction. Robust and built to last, the Minirig is the sort of wireless speaker that offers convenience alongside reliability. It also looks good with bold colours offering users the chance to complement both their music systems at home and the aesthetics of their environment.

If the charming design doesn’t grab your attention the Minirig, once fired up and ready to go, will thrill you with the sound it produces. Simple to use (we had no problem connecting wirelessly to an assortment of devices including iPhones, iPods and various Android phones), the Minirig is quite startling in its unassuming physical character which bombastically transforms once the music starts.

Designed around a single high efficiency 3” driver, the Minirig provides a surprisingly effective sound that envelops and enraptures. Despite being mono-only, music – from 1970s rock n roll to modern pop and even an outing for Classic FM – is engaging, full-bodied and crisply distinguished across the sound stage. Users will also benefit from a best-in-class battery life – essential for those using the speaker “on the go”.

It’s therefore even more pleasing to report this little speaker with a big personality is incredibly lightweight. You can carry it around in its stylish bag (which is supplied and holds a charger and auxiliary cable as well) without it burdening you’re daily commute or luggage allowance on an international flight.

The Minirig has set the bar high for portable Bluetooth speakers. Aesthetically pleasing, robust in nature, and powerful to the ears, this speaker moves straight to the top of the class.




Minirig - Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Build Quality
Battery Life
Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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