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Varta PowerPack Review

Varta : Portable Powerpack

vartalinkWith smartphones becoming more common, the demand for portable chargers has also grown and Varta have answered that demand with their 2600 mAh portable power bank.

57959_promo_popoThe charger is no bigger than a large cigarette lighter, making it extremely portable and easy to carry around with you.  I am generally quite picky with smartphone accessories, as many of them look too clunky and outdated, but the Varta power bank comes in a variety of colours and looks quite stylish because of its smooth design.
The power bank has a comfortable hook on the top, allowing you to attach it to a keyring if you wish to do so, making it even easier to carry around and even harder to lose, a key feature for some people including myself.

The Varta power bank comes with a 50cm micro USB charging cable, which can be plugged into any USB port eg. Laptop, mains plug, and this will charge the power bank up.

When fully charged, the Varta portable charger will get around one full charge on most of the latest smartphones, which is ideal if you use your phone a lot whilst out and about like me.  For £10, this is some of the best value for money you will see anywhere for a power bank.

Varta Essential Review

Danial Ahmed
Danial Ahmed
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