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Crosley Snap Essential Review

Crosley : Snap

crosleylinkThe Crosley Snap Turntable finds a perfect balance between retro and modern, with their record player featuring two fold out speakers that add a modern dimension to the classic record player, making for a very aesthetically pleasing and interesting product.

With the wooden cabinet finish and chrome latches, the Snap gives off a luxurious and high class look, and does not look out of place in a modern living space.

The colour scheme is quite striking and attracted my attention immediately, with the turntable coloured a smooth black, but the fold out speakers a vibrant turquoise.  The contrast in colours is very eye catching and looks pleasant.

snapFold out speakers ensure that the vibrations are kept low, allowing for the three speed vinyl player to provide high quality loud sound with no interruptions.

The belt driven turntable plays a variety of vinyl’s, including 7”, 10”, and 12” records.  It can also play at three speeds, 33 ½, 45, and 78 RPM.  This variety is what really sets the Snap apart from other record players in my opinion, as it does not limit the user to once specific size of record or speed of playing, and allows the user to listen to any form of their music they want.

Featuring a USB and AUX port, the Snap allows users to listen to their music on a classic mode of music.  This really stood out to me, as I was able to listen to my own modern music on the stylish looking Snap record player and really listen to the smooth tones and clear playback quality.snap2

Retro record players are coming back into fashion and many modern takes on them are coming into the market, but Crosley’s take on the vinyl player is one of the better ones I’ve used.

For around £200 you will get a fantastic musical device, that gives you the option to get the real classic experience with vinyl records, or to listen to your modern music off your devices using an AUX.  The options that the Crosley Snap give the user are a key selling point, as not many other record players allow you to listen to your music in so many different ways.

Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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