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GPO : Chesterton Review

GPO: Chesterton

gpolinkVintage record players need to look authentic in their retro style, but also need to provide modern quality sound to keep the younger generation interested. The GPO Chesterton has found this balance perfectly.

It’s sleek timeless looks scream 1930’s at you, but when it plays music it snaps you back into modern times with the unfaltering sound quality.

The GPO Chesterton boasts vinyl playback, MP3 and CD playback, but also has a cassette player and AUX jacks to plug your phone or speakers into. This transforms the classic music machine into a modern piece of equipment, ready to play your songs in crisp tones in any way imaginable.

The sound quality is very clear and crisp, thanks to the built in speaker and Westwood Mini Amp.

The weight of the record player is surprising, as I expected it to be quite light and flimsy, but it is decently weighted, and feels solid. The classy wood finish really makes it stand out in your music collection, and will catch visitors eyes for sure.

The classic style grill on the front conceals built in speakers, and also hides an FM radio, complete with analogue tuning. The variety of music playback the GPO Chesterton provides is what intrigued me the most however.

It’s simple styling and look do not indicate how many features the player actually contains, which I thought was brilliant. GPO have maintained the classic minimalistic style that record players have, but have stamped their own style on it by including many modern yet concealed features.

Most replica record players look too modern and forget to keep the characteristics of the time they were made, but the GPO Chesterton has kept that identity, but also put a bit of their own into their product, something I admire and respect.GPO Chesterton Review

Danial Ahmed
Danial Ahmed
1 Comment
  • Brian Hinton
    Reply 9th November 2016 at 11:41 am

    Not purchased a GPO Chesterton yet, but I will in the new year been looking at other vintage devices and some look terrible.
    Mainly I would like to my copy LPs and tapes to mp3.
    The Chesterton look’s really good well made, I have emailed GPO about a few shortfalls on the unit like Bluetooth for instance
    which it does not have which is a shame and a back AUX would be an advantage although it as one on the front.
    But they say its all these things reflect on the price which is true, but I think these few things would make a difference.

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