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Canary Review

Canary : All-in-One Smart Security Device

canarylinkIn the technology era, home security has developed more and more, and the Canary all in one security system is a testament to that statement.

The systems basic and minimalistic design makes it look just like an automatic air freshener or a speaker of some sort. I believe this is a very underrated feature as it will not stand out to any potential burglars as an alarm, and most people I showed the product had no idea it was a security system.

The Canary has a smartphone app, which allows you to control its camera, alarm and microphone functions from anywhere as long as you and the system itself are both connected to the internet.

Canary ReviewAt the touch of a button, you can sound the 90 decibel alarm, which I can confirm, is deafening. Or you can monitor your house through the HD camera and microphone to look for any signs of activity, or listen to anything going on around the house.

Aside from monitoring your home, the Canary also monitors your health somewhat. It tracks air quality, humidity, and temperature within your home so you can ensure your living conditions are perfect and healthy.

The Canary has three modes, which are armed, disarmed, and privacy. In armed mode, the Canry will record everything from when you set it to do so, so it is more useful for if you are going away for a prolonged time. Disarmed means you can set it to record optionally, and privacy means all recording methods are disabled.

The Canary is different from all other security systems however, as it actually learns and becomes smarter the longer you use it. It tracks movement every day and learns what times you generally leave the house etc. so it can learn your schedule.

So although your dog may set it off a couple of times in the beginning, the Canary will soon learn that the dog isn’t a burglar and will learn to stop going off and being triggered by its movement!

With an RRP of £129.99, I believe the Canary is a must have for home protection, its aesthetically pleasing design and hi-tech features make it one of the best security systems I have ever come across.


Canary Review

Danial Ahmed
Danial Ahmed
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