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Yale Smart Lock Review

Yale : Smart Lock

yalelinkYale have a variety of smart products available for use in homes, but their Keyfree Smart Connected Lock has to be one of their best products to date.

The lock eliminates the need for keys to enter your home, thus getting rid of that dread you feel when you lose your house key somewhere.  A variety of methods replace the use of keys, including a four-digit pin code, a remote fob, or even a smartphone app if you have the required smart home system.

I was interested to know what measures were taken if a burglar still attempted to break into a house with the Yale smart locks, and discovered that the locks include a tamper alarm and incorrect pin feature.  There is a three-minute lock out if the pin code is incorrectly entered five times, and with the approval of the Police Secured by Designed scheme, I have no doubts about the security the locks provide.

In addition, the locks are battery powered, so if there is a problem with the electricity, you will still be able to get in and out of your house.  The locks have a low battery indicator as well, so you will know when the batteries need changing.  The locks save the user pin code and settings when batteries are changed, so you don’t have to constantly change back from the factory settings.

The door handles and locks are available in a polished brass and polished chrome finish, so they can be tailored to the style you want to compliment your home, and the keypad is LED back-lit making it easier to see in the dark.

Although the RRP of £299 may seem steep, you can’t really put a price on yours and your family’s safety.  That price includes installation, and the locks will quickly repay that price tag with their accessibility and safety they provide.

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Dan Dreyfuss
Dan Dreyfuss
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