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Phantom Review

Devialet : Phantom

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Clarity, quality, and trendy design.  These are three things you would typically look for in a wireless speaker, but seldom find all in one unit- until now.

The Devialet Phantom encompasses all these features to create one of the finest wireless speakers in the world.  Its smooth sound quality allows you to feel and listen to your music in a way you’ve never experienced before, and after using the Phantom, I don’t want to use any other wireless speaker again.

“Feeling your music” may sound stupid and impossible, but after using the Phantom you will quickly change your mind.  The speaker’s capability to reproduce music from 16Hz-50Hz allows it to deliver the super deep bass and treble that produces physical vibrations that you will feel when listening to your favourite tracks.

The Space-Saving, Life-Changing Wireless Speaker

Many other wireless speaker systems require you to purchase multiple speakers to really get the full experience, not the Phantom.  One Phantom is plenty, eliminating the cluttering and complications of setting up a multiple speaker system.  Of course, more than one Phantom is an ideal set up, but if you choose to purchase just one, it will outclass multiple speaker systems easily and is definitely a worthy investment.

phantom-silver_2xThe speaker can function over a variety of methods, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, making it easy to take it out of the box and be listening to your music in dense and crisp tones within five minutes.  The ease of access and set up were key features in my opinion, as I’m too used to purchasing a speaker and having to fiddle about with it for ages to the point where I consider just returning it and saving myself some hassle.

The Ideal Wireless Speaker For The 21st Century Music Listener

Devialet have changed the wireless speaker game, with the Silver Phantom boasting 105 dB of sound.  To put that into perspective, most night clubs in the UK are limited to around 104 dB on the dance floor.  This speaker goes to the point where you feel the rich bass and vibrations in your favourite tunes, a sensation I am slowly getting addicted to.

It is clear after seeing and holding the Phantom, Devialet took the design and aesthetics of their product seriously.  The Phantom has a sleek and futuristic design, and at first it looks as though it will feel quite light and cheap, but the speaker is surprisingly dense and robust, so it feels and looks the part as well as sounding it.

For something so small, the Phantom is deceivingly heavy.  Weighing in at around 12 KG, the speaker feels and looks like some form of alien technology from another universe, but somehow doesn’t look out of place on the mantle or coffee table in your home.  The spherical design made out of a blend of aluminium and plastic is aesthetically pleasing and is an attention catcher, the sleek design is just another positive of the speaker, as you can position it anywhere you want and it won’t look out of place.

The Capacity To Produce Big Sound From A Surprisingly Small Unitsection-007-amp

In my experience, many wireless speakers tend to lose sound quality at higher volumes, as saturation and distortion begin to creep in, but the Phantom seems to do the opposite.  The sound quality and density stays the same and sometimes even improves as the volume is increased, perfect for someone like me that loves to listen to their music at high volumes, but hates sacrificing sound quality to do so.

The Phantom provides crisp and clear sound quality up to an astronomical 3000 watts, I was blown away at those specs as the unit itself looks so small and definitely incapable of producing huge sound like that.

Where many of Devialet’s competitors struggle is finding that perfect balance of bass to treble, sometimes it is painfully obvious that the balance is off and that has a direct impact on the quality of the sound.  The Phantom has no such struggle, Devialet have found the perfect middle ground, this balance helps the sound quality and density to no end, allowing the user to listen to their music in the perfect way.

Award Winning

With products like the Phantom, it’s easy to see why Devialet have such a strong brand image and reputation, and the speaker itself has claimed 55 awards for its innovative and top quality technology and features.

In the digital and technological era, speakers and technology like the Phantom have become essential rather than optional.  It’s ability to connect to a variety of devices and transform low frequency audio into high quality dense audio is nothing short of amazing.  The accessibility of the Phantom is what really sets it apart from competitors in my opinion, it can be used alongside so
many different products that it becomes much more than just a speaker.

The Phantom is constantly evolving, which seems impossible considering the unit looks like it’s from 1000 years in the future, but it’s true.  Devialet are regularly producing software upgrades that increase the performance and functionality of the speaker, providing an unlimited potential for growth.  When you purchase a Phantom, you aren’t just investing in the present, but are also investing in the future.


resizedimagewzywmcw0mzdd-phantom-smartphone-1Although the Phantom is all you need for your music listening needs, there are add-ons such as the Dialogue Connector that take the Phantom to the next level.  The Dialogue Connector allows for anywhere between two and 24 Phantom speakers to be connected via Wi-Fi and used at the same time, perfect for surround sound systems in movie rooms etc. Consumers that purchase the Phantom also receive a three-month subscription to “lossless quality” HD music streaming app Tidal, a perfect companion to the Phantom.  Tidal allows you to stream your music in crisp and clear quality through the Phantom.

Although the starting retail price for the Devialet range is £1390 (and the Silver, which we sampled, is £1,690), the features and technology Devialet have included in the Phantom warrants that price tag.  Devialet showed great faith in their speaker when they dubbed it the “best wireless speaker in the world”, but after using it I am a firm believer that the statement is indeed factual.

Confidence Comes As Standard

So strong is the confidence that Devialet has in its Phantom range, the brand offers a 45-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. We were wowed by the Silver, a 3000 watt 105dB behemoth that is only out-muscled by its 4500 watt 108 dB big brother (the Phantom Gold). It is little surprise it’s the wireless speaker of-choice for pop music stars Beyonce and Jay Z.

Phantom Essential Review

Danial Ahmed
Danial Ahmed
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