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The Essential Reviewers

George Benson, Reviews Manager

George BensonManaging the organisation, coordination and handling of reviews for Essential Reviews, George is ultimately in charge of sourcing those products suitable for review, as well as handling the day to-day organisation of the review process itself. As such, George is a key contact for the discussion of potential products which may be suitable for featuring on Essential Reviews, and is a key member of the team in arranging any and all coverage. Key areas of interest for George include prestige items such as luxury home and garden fittings, as well as automotive and the latest technological accessories. With George, it’s all about keeping readers informed on the biggest and brightest brands available on the market.

Contact: +44 (0)330 990 2020 george@essential.reviews

Ciaran Jarosz, Editor

Ciaran JaroszAs Editor of Essential Reviews, Ciaran leads the editorial department, both for Essential Reviews and Crown House Publishing. Having a number of publications under his belt, Ciaran edits and has written for a multitude of consumer and trade publications, both within the Crown House Publishing Group and beyond. For Essential Reviews, Ciaran maintains a core interest in all forms of multimedia, including: music, sound, video and entertainment, such as gaming. Always looking towards the next technological advancement and how it will alter the multimedia landscape, Ciaran tries to integrate technological understanding and comparison with each and every article – often, technical specification can be the make or break of any given product.

Contact: +44 (0)1484 437318 | ciaran@essential.reviews

Dan StephensThe longest standing journalist on the team, Dan has been writing for Crown House Publishing for some four years and, with an expert understanding of the issues and challenges presently being faced in the film and video market, Dan is an expert on all things audiovisual, already having a well-established web presence in the market himself. This sees Dan maintaining a core interest in varying areas of technology and media, as well as having a profound understanding of the environment within which many high-end sound and video devices are utilised within, and the various expectations which may come from this.

Danial Ahmed, Journalistdanial

Danial has a good work ethic and is very career driven, and these are some of the skills he uses in his wide variety of product reviews.  If he is not completely knowledgeable on a product, he makes it his job to know all there is to know about it before reviewing it.  He is particularly interested in sports and technology, and they are his expertise fields for product reviews and his work in general.  Although he does not have a huge amount of experience, he makes up for that with his fresh writing style and tries to stamp his own ideas on his work.

Daryl Crowther, Journalist

DarylAs a journalist for Essential Reviews, Daryl covers a broad range of subjects. Daryl has written for various publications – both consumer and trade – over the past decade and is highly regarded within the industry. In particular, Daryl has a keen focus on fitness and health, supporting an incredibly healthy lifestyle and fitness regime. Always looking to push his own body to the limit, Daryl has an unrivalled understanding of where fitness products can help, or hinder athletic performance on a day-to-day basis. Well chiselled and athletic, Daryl represents what it means to be an athlete and, as such, is best positioned to assist others in following the very same path.

Josh Phillips, Journalist

Josh PhillipsA reputable and renowned journalist within the martial arts circuit, Josh combines specialist mixed martial arts expertise with a fiery passion for baking and craft goods. Something of a cookery fanatic, Josh has spent a great deal of time in both private and commercial kitchens alike, experimenting with different foods, flavors and tastes. Well versed in all aspects of cookery, he also maintains a core understanding of performance for all food and cookery related goods, able to push products to the limits of what may, or may not be expected from the private and commercial usage of goods. Josh Phillips, the man who can dropkick a freshly baked doughnut.

Peter Johnson, Reviews Executive

Peter JohnsonHaving worked for Essential Reviews ever since the foundation of the company, Peter understands the business like no other. With a very firm grasp of the website’s target, and regular audience, Peter looks to ensure the appropriate coordination and management of smaller, individual reviews under the guidance of George. Most specifically, Peter expresses a keen interest in the home and garden arena, looking to present items which can further improve an individual person’s quality of life. Ever since his life as a young child, Peter has been fascinated by the form, direction and manner in which grass grows – this mentality has since adapted to all manner of gardening and sculpting, now spending more time in the garden than anywhere else.

Jessica Ryder, Reviews Executive

Jessica RyderSupporting Peter and George, Jessica handles much of the administration and maintenance duties, as well as proposing and negotiating the expansion of the Essential brand into the field of events, shows and outings. In effect, Jessica may be the newest member of the team, but she also represents much of the brand’s future direction and ambitions. Focusing on the present, Jessica has a well-founded interest in topics pertaining to hobbies and, in supporting the future of the brand, maintains a core responsibility of the expansion of this topic into further areas of consumer interest.